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Money is everywhere, and yet, we don’t spend enough time talking about it and learning the impacts money has on our own life. Instead, we carry around old money beliefs that do not support us and impact the way we show up with clients, our families, and our practice as a whole. 

This workshop was created to support therapists in private practice in having a collective space to talk about money and get clarity around the impacts your money relationship has on your life and your business.   

 In this Workshop for therapists We Will:

  • Focus on helping you uncover your vision for success

  • Explore blocks to your own empowerment

  • Gain practical information about finances, taxes and money management

  • Determine what kinds of support you need to succeed in your business.

  • Get clear about your financial goals

  • Discuss bookkeeping and tracking systems to support you in reaching your financial goals

This money Workshop is a good fit for:

  • Nearly, newly, and seasoned therapists seeking support around the impacts your money beliefs have on your practice

  • Therapists new to private practice wanting clarity around your vision and money goals

  • Therapists looking for clear and easy-to-understand information on business taxes and filing requirements for sole proprietors

  • Therapists needing better money management systems and bookkeeping support

  • Therapists wanting to explore the impacts your money story has on earning potential

workshop Cost: $210

Workshop details - TBD

Date: 2020

Time: 10-4 PM

Location: 2140 Shattuck Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94704                                      

This informational money workshop provides a combination of self-reflection, tax and bookkeeping tips, and practical information about money and the mental health field.

The Money in Private Practice workshop really helped me sit down and clarify my money goals. It’s about a month later, and I’ve already noticed a positive impact on my practice! Also, this workshop actually made me feel a little bit excited about private practice bookkeeping and tax preparation. Thank you!
— March 2019 Workshop Participant

presented by

Melody wright, LMFT

Melody Wright LMFT.jpg

Melody is a Licensed Somatic Marriage and Family Therapist with a background in taxes, business, bookkeeping, and finance. Melody received her B.A. in Business Economics at UCLA, started preparing taxes in 2002, co-founded a tax preparation company in 2009, obtained her real estate license, worked for a top wealth management company in SF, and currently provides bookkeeping services for an investment management company. Melody is committed to educating fellow therapists and healers who are struggling with the business side of owning and operating a private practice and aims to empower others to learn about all things related to money. Melody is the Founder of Life by Design Therapy, a holistic group practice in Berkeley and Richmond, and is dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering environment for both therapists and clients.

Natalie Spautz, LMFT


Natalie Spautz is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She practices depth relational psychotherapy,  and offers consultation and trainings as well. Natalie is committed to the development of her own personal awareness as an offering to her community and the people she helps. She is committed to social justice, non-violence and finding compassion for every person she encounters. She is passionate about supporting others in working through their blocks to financial success and freedom. Natalie views her facilitation of fellow healer’s own healing and rewriting their money stories as part of a necessary cultural shift within the Mental Health Industry and larger contexts as well.

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Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.
— Ayn Rand